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Turn Professional Experience into a Rewarding Teaching Career

Many professionals reach a point in their careers where they yearn for a change, seeking fulfilment and a deeper sense of purpose. For those considering a transition into teaching, leveraging professional experience can unlock a rewarding new chapter. 


Real-world experience

Drawing from your industry-specific expertise and sharing practical insights is a fantastic tool to make learning more engaging, meaningful, and applicable to the world beyond the classroom. By weaving personal narratives into their teaching, career changers demonstrate the real-world relevance of education.

The power of passion

Having a passion for your subject brings enthusiasm and authenticity into the classroom. When educators are genuinely passionate about their subject, students are more engaged and eager to learn. Career changers, fuelled by their passion for their chosen subject, have a unique opportunity to spark curiosity and inspire lifelong learning in their students. 


Transferable skills

Skills gained in previous careers can be used to excel in the classroom. From leadership and project management to communication and problem-solving, your professional background equips you with a unique set of abilities that can greatly benefit your students and enhance your effectiveness as an educator.


Tax-free bursaries and financial support

You could be entitled to a tax-free bursary of up to £28,000 or a scholarship of up to £30,000. Bursary amounts vary depending on your teacher training subject and degree classification, find out more here. You may also be eligible for student loans to help fund your ITT course as well as additional funds for reasons such as low income and caring for disabled children.


It’s never too late to teach

Teaching is a career path that values real-world knowledge and experience. Whether you’re a recent graduate or have a degree from earlier in life, if the world of teaching intrigues you, we’d love to support you on your journey.

Spend a morning in school

Unsure if teaching is the right path for you? Many teachers have been in your shoes, but with exceptional support from our outstanding team, those doubts quickly disappear. Join us for a ‘Back to School’ taster morning to:


·      Chat with our friendly team and current trainees

·      Discover the benefits of our teacher training course

·      Learn more financial support

·      See if teaching could be for you!

Find out more and sign up here.


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