MFL teacher training

The government is committed to increasing the proportion of pupils gaining language qualifications, to do this there is a need for more languages teachers. Teaching modern foreign languages is important in creating a generation of independent thinkers. Speaking a different language not only enriches children's cultural knowledge, but it opens up access to additional job markets. Ultimately, being able to speak and understand a foreign language enables you to value other people and enjoy access to their media such as news, film and literature. 

"As a native speaker, teaching German, in particular, challenges me as it makes me think about where and why we apply certain grammar rules. I then have to find creative ways of breaking it down into understandable bite-size content that is fun to learn. Seeing the smile on a pupil's face when they got it and noticing progress in those students who challenge you the most, is the best part of the job. It makes you go home after a busy week knowing that you made a change."



If you choose to train to teach MFL, you could be eligible for a tax-free training bursary of £10,000. Find out more information about funding here.

Tax-free funding of up to £10,000 along with additional funding via Student Finance

At North East SCITT, your PGCE is awarded by, globally renowned, Durham University

Our lead school, The Academy at Shotton Hall, is one of only 23 Research Schools in the UK

Complete your initial teacher training year with North East SCITT in just 10 months

We are in partnership with over 90 education providers across the North East

Secondary teacher training courses

(11-16 with KS2 enhancement and post-16 enhancement):


To attain qualified teacher status, trainees will be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards in the age phases of their course. They must teach and demonstrate that they achieve the Teachers’ Standards in the specific and consecutive age ranges.

Brush up on your subject knowledge

You may be eligible for a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) programme before you start your teacher training year. The programmes are available to enhance or refresh subject knowledge. Find out more information here.

Lisa Keech

Career changer

I felt confident that the training would be top quality, and I would be really well supported.”

Read all about Lisa's journey into teaching here


"Fantastic all round training. What has really stood out for me is how supportive the whole SCITT team have been throughout the year. The highlight was my second placement which was excellent and the perfect fit!"