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MFL teacher training

Course code 2B66


Course length
11 months

Course fee

Course applications run from October through the portal. Find us by searching NIoT@North East SCITT (L06)

Why teaching MFL is important

More now than ever before in the UK, we need children to learn modern foreign languages and gain an understanding of languages, cultures and heritages outside of our own country. In a post-Brexit world, and with a declining number of MFL speakers, there has never been a greater opportunity for children to learn a foreign language, improve their own linguistic competency and grammar knowledge, and be confident global citizens.

The qualities that make an outstanding MFL teacher

A great MFL teacher must be truly passionate, engaging and enthusiastic about their language specialism; overcoming negativity and apathy to inspire their pupils and really bring alive a country and culture that may be completely unknown to the children. Fast paced fun lessons that combine technical knowledge of grammar and vocabulary with a feeling of achievement and purpose.

Subject knowledge needed to teach MFL

Expertise and confidence in the 4 key competencies; speaking, reading, writing and listening is essential, along with a very accurate knowledge of grammar and a competent knowledge of key topic vocabulary. Specific vocabulary linked to topics taught can be acquired through reading exam specifications. Accurate pronunciation is also key, along with a knowledge of English grammar terms for explicitly teaching the grammar of the foreign language. Applicants can easily work on any areas of weakness by accessing grammar books, exam specifications and textbooks and use of target language resources, media, books etc.

A good starting point for improving your subject knowledge, or working on any areas of weakness is the BBC Bitesize website. Looking at the National Curriculum for this subject will also be beneficial, as it will give you an overview of which topics are covered. 

Overview of our MFL course


  • Sept: Core training and mini placements 

  • Oct: Subject-specific training, core training and first teaching placement preparation

  • Nov-Dec: First teaching placement (6 weeks) and Newcastle University Teaching Conference (1 week)

  • Jan: Core training, subject-specific training and mini placements

  • Feb: Subject-specific training and second teaching placement preparation

  • Feb-May: Second teaching placement  (11 weeks) 

  • Jun: Personalised mini placement and QTS (qualified teacher status) interview



We provide ongoing, bespoke, subject specific SCITT Tutor support throughout your entire programme. Our SEDD (Subject Enhancement and Delivery Days) programme enable trainees to work with various heads of department and outstanding teachers in their subject areas. You will also work with expert MFL teachers during your two teaching placements. 

The benefits of training to teach MFL with North East SCITT

You may be eligible for funding to help support your teacher training year

At North East SCITT, your PGCE is awarded by Birmingham University

Our lead school, The Academy at Shotton Hall, is one of only 23 Research Schools in the UK

Complete your initial teacher training year with North East SCITT in just 11 months

We work in partnership with over 60 education providers across the North East

Secondary teacher training courses

(11-16 with KS2 enhancement and post-16 enhancement):


To attain qualified teacher status, trainees will be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards in the age phases of their course. They must teach and demonstrate that they achieve the Teachers’ Standards in the specific and consecutive age ranges.

Lisa Keech Shotton Hall SCITT trainee case study_edited.jpg

Lisa Keech

Career changer

Read all about Lisa's journey into teaching

What our trainees say about us...

"Fantastic all round training. What has really stood out for me is how supportive the whole SCITT team have been throughout the year. The highlight was my second placement which was excellent and the perfect fit!"

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