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Birmingham University

Your PGCE with North East SCITT is awarded by Birmingham University, a globally renowned education institution. This gives you both the academic excellence of a university, with the hands on training and support of a SCITT. 

Become a Birmingham University student


As part of our SCITT programme, we provide both Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) to all trainees. The National Institute of Teaching is the accredited body for awarding your QTS, and we partner with Birmingham University to deliver your PGCE. We do this as we believe it equips you with the reflective and professional expertise to make you the best possible teacher. 


This means you’ll not only train with us, but you’ll be a student of Birmingham University. You will also receive 60 credits towards a Masters in Education once you have completed your PGCE, should you want to pursue that in the future.  


Not to mention the more typical elements of the student experience including: 

  • Access to Birmingham University's library facilities 

  • Access to the full range of support and students services 

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