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Early years (3-7)
teacher training

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Course length
11 months

Course fee

Course applications run from October through the portal. Find us by searching NIoT@North East SCITT (L06)

In partnership with WISE Academies

At North East SCITT, we are thrilled to introduce our specialised early years teacher training course in partnership with WISE Academies, renowned for their expertise in early years and primary education. Building on the strengths of both providers we offer a comprehensive training experience, equipping our early years trainees with outstanding knowledge, guidance and support.

This collaboration ensures trainees gain valuable insights from practitioners deeply embedded in the world of early years education. Our course goes beyond traditional teacher training, our trainees are immersed in school life, training in schools across the North East from day one.

Early Years Stronger Practice Hub

WISE Academies supports The Great North Early Years Stronger Practise Hub, meaning early years trainees have access to a wealth of knowledge backed by the latest Education Endowment Foundation research. The Hub offers evidence-based professional growth opportunities for professionals working in the field of early childhood education.

Why teaching early years is important

For the majority of early years educators, you serve as the primary teacher for your class, guiding them through every aspect of the day. Early years teachers play a crucial role in the education of young children, spanning from three to seven years old.


As an early years classroom practitioner, your role involves not only academic instruction but also providing essential guidance and support for the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and moral development of your pupils.

It is such an exciting time, and every day is different! Teaching early years children is such a privilege and responsibility. It involves fostering effective relationships with children's first educators—their parents—kindling and nurturing a love for learning, and establishing the foundational elements of education through classroom routines.

The qualities that make an outstanding early years (3-7) teacher

To become a high quality successful early years teacher you need:

  • To have high aspirations and want the best for every child you work with as they only get one chance at education!

  • To be a reflective and an adaptive practitioner as each child is a unique individual.

  • To be flexible and be able to think on your feet as primary schools and early year settings are ‘live’ places where things can change at a fast pace.

  • A deep understanding of the subjects and curriculum which they teach. As such, you need to be driven to improve your subject knowledge, engage in pertinent educational research and model life-long-learning.

  • An engaging classroom presence.

  • To be committed, enthusiastic and passionate.

  • Great communication skills and be organised.

  • Empathy, caring and patience.

Subject knowledge needed to teach early years and primary 

Before starting the course, you will have access to a reading list of both core and subject-specific books which you will access during your training year. At the start of the course, you are asked to complete a subject knowledge audit which you will use to develop subject knowledge in key areas of the early years curriculum.


Researching the Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters (non-statutory curriculum guidance) can also be most helpful. We also ask our new trainees to sign up with subject-specific organisations and leading educationalists to ensure they are kept fully informed of the latest research and developments.

Overview of our primary course


  • Aug: Access to a personal SCITT tutor from day one.

  • Sep-Jul: Core training, teaching placement, mini placements, intensive training, and subject-specific training days. Masters level training in partnership with Birmingham University.

  • Jan: Further core training and a four week teaching placement at a different school.

  • Feb-Jul: Further core training and a return to your host school for continued teaching placement. Personalised mini placement of your choice. Final Qualifier Teacher Status (QTS) assessment.

  • Ongoing: Post SCITT support as an Early Career Teacher (ECT) and ongoing CPD development.



Ongoing, bespoke subject-specific SCITT Tutor support is provided throughout our programme. Our SEDD (Subject Enhancement and Delivery Days) programme enables trainees to work with outstanding early years subject leaders and teachers in all National Curriculum subjects.


Whilst on teaching placements trainees are supported by expert classroom practitioners and school subject leaders too. Our early years and primary SCITT team have the privilege of supporting you personally every step of the way on your journey to becoming an effective, high-quality Early Career Teacher.


At North East SCITT, your PGCE is awarded by Birmingham University

Our lead school, The Academy at Shotton Hall, is one of only 23 Research Schools in the UK

Complete your initial teacher training year with North East SCITT in just 11 months

We work in partnership with over 60 education providers across the North East

Brush up on your subject knowledge

You may be eligible for a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) programme before you start your teacher training year. The programmes are available to enhance or refresh subject knowledge. Find out more information here.

Lisa Keech Shotton Hall SCITT trainee case study_edited.jpg

Lisa Keech

Career changer

Read all about Lisa's journey into teaching

What our trainees say about us...

"Fantastic all round training. What has really stood out for me is how supportive the whole SCITT team have been throughout the year. The highlight was my second placement which was excellent and the perfect fit!"

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