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The Magic of the Lightbulb Moment in Teaching

It’s no secret that teaching can be challenging, but all the hard work and dedication pays off in an instant when you witness a child experience that all important lightbulb moment, and we think most educators would agree that moments like these shine brighter than the rest.

A boy thinking and experiencing the lightbulb moment with the text 'Witnessing a student's lightbulb moment is something truly special'
The Lightbulb Moment

What is the 'lightbulb moment'?

The motto describes that breakthrough moment when everything falls into place for a pupil, when what once seemed impossible suddenly clicks and becomes straight forward. It's something all teachers work towards, investing time in carefully planning lessons, engaging activities, and building relationships. As lessons unfold, pupils transition from remembering to understanding, and that's what it's all about.

The lightbulb moment solidifies an educators love for teaching, providing a strong sense of job satisfaction unmatched by any other profession. There are so many milestones in a child’s educational journey and by powering these lightbulbs you are making an impact on their formative years, instilling a love for learning that will last them a lifetime, be it through achieving their A level qualifications or learning to plaster a wall in their first home.


As you get to know your pupils and how they tick as well as developing your own confidence and techniques, your classroom will resemble a light show Blackpool would be proud of!

Spend a morning in school

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