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Rob Stobie - Maths trainee

Year of study


What were you doing before SCITT?

I worked in the RAF as an Avionics Engineer.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I love maths but much more than that I love helping people. I've had a lot of positive influences in my life; people who have helped me to be a better person and to achieve so many things. I want to be that positive influence to the kids I teach.

Why did you choose Shotton Hall SCITT?

Although I was offered places with other providers, Shotton Hall SCITT really stood out as a provider who were going to care about me and my progress and provide me with all of the support I needed. I have never been made to feel more welcome and comfortable while at Shotton Hall SCITT, including the day I was interviewed. There are other providers who also have outstanding Ofsted ratings but the Shotton Hall Team just ooze with professionalism, togetherness and have a level of experience and support that other providers can't compete with.

What would you say to anyone thinking of teaching?

Scratch the itch. I would definitely recommend gaining time in a classroom to observe teachers, students and the reality of teaching life. You'll know quickly if it's still for you and if it is jump in with both feet and don't look back.

What has been your favourite part of training so far?

I've loved it all. There is so much more to the theory of teaching than I'd imagined and it is so interesting. Being taught by teachers with a vast amount of experience is worth its weight in gold, they bring with them a huge amount of credibility and their words hold so much value, they make the training interesting and engaging. I've really enjoyed the teaching placement too. I've been made to feel so welcome and supported and have enjoyed getting involved in all aspects of being a teacher. Most of all though, I've enjoyed teaching and connecting with the students. I've made loads of new friends too amongst the other SCITT trainees.

How does teaching differ from your previous career?

It is both completely different and exactly the same. There are aspects of the military which can't be replicated such as lots of travelling and time away from home. On the other hand, I was always surrounded by professionals who I could rely on, everything was always well thought out, planned and organised and I was always well supported. These are all things which are synonymous with my experience of teacher training.

Do you have any tips or advice for potential trainees?

  • Observe in a school, this will tell you without commitment whether or not teaching really is for you.

  • Stay organised and don't fall behind. One of the biggest challenges, in my eyes, is remembering tasks which need to be completed and when they need to be completed by. Get a diary!

  • Make sure you have the full backing of your family, there will be work to do and at times you will need their support.

  • Make Shotton Hall SCITT one of your UCAS choices and if you get selected for interview, go and see for yourself how good it is.


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