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Rebekah Barber - Music trainee

Year of study


What were you doing before SCITT?

Before joining SCITT I worked as a Learning Support Assistant in a primary school for a year after my degree.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I had an amazing music education and I wanted to give that back to other children. I absolutely love my subject and think that music can bring such joy to children’s lives. It helps to build skills such as confidence and working as part of a group. I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Why did you choose North East SCITT?

The course looked really supportive when I was considering applying. When I came for interview, everyone was friendly and welcoming and it just felt like the right place for me to train. I loved the sound of the mini-placements, and the subject specific enhancement days have been great. I’ve been able to see music departments in a range of different schools in the local area and take ideas and inspiration from them all.

What would you say to someone considering teacher training?

Absolutely do it! Working with children is so rewarding. You’ll have a fantastic year, it’ll challenge and stretch you but it will be so worth it! North East SCITT is a supportive and great provider! We get thorough training from the Uni and the SCITT and they’ve made the journey fun and enjoyable. No two days will be the same in the career, it’s a unique job that we are lucky to do!

What has been your favourite part of training so far?

Core training is a really supportive environment. All subjects are together so that we can collaborate our ideas. When we go onto placement, you are usually with somebody else from the course and that person or people end up being a lifeline! But my absolute favourite part has been the SEDD days where we get to see music in a range of schools.

How does teacher training differ from your previous career?

Teacher training has put a lot of my degree into action. I’ve utilised a lot of my experience from my time in the primary school to use, and I’ve found that experience invaluable, despite primary and secondary seeming very different! Being in the classroom with teenagers has been the biggest difference really.

Do you have any tips or advice for potential trainees?

Get some experience beforehand! Make friends with people on the course. Have a restful summer and be organised. Make sure you have a good support system around you and make sure you plan in time for yourself.


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