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India Birley - Music trainee

Year of study


What were you doing before SCITT?

Before the SCITT I was completing my degree in music at The University of Nottingham.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I have always loved the idea of being able to inspire others through my own passion of music. I was originally inspired by my Irish music teacher that I had during primary school. Her passion and ability to teach really made me love the idea of being able to project my talent and passion onto others in the hope that it would inspire them like she inspired me.

Why did you choose Shotton Hall SCITT?

I loved the fact that Shotton Hall SCITT is very school orientated, the placements and structure of the course are brilliant! On top of that, the course leaders are all so lovely, knowledgeable and supportive. I definitely would not even consider being anywhere else for my ITT year. The link that they have with Durham University is also great, for me being a uni student for another year is so great as I get to be part of the sports teams!

What would you say to anyone thinking of teaching?

Make sure you love your subject! You also need to be prepared for the workload, but do not be frightened of it. The teaching community is so lovely to be a part of and everyone helps everyone.

What has been your favourite part of training so far?

The placement has been amazing! Being able to go into school so early and get stuck in hands on was so brilliant and very well organised. When we got to have face-to-face sessions with the course leaders they were also brilliant. Being able to connect with the SCITT team was special for me as they made us feel on their level rather than that they were teaching us.

How does teaching differ from your previous career?

I was a University student before this year so it was more of a relaxed lifestyle. Being a trainee teacher means that I have to be much more organised. It is also nice to really make use of the weekends. For me I like having a routine so being back in a routine with teaching has been lovely.

Do you have any tips or advice for potential trainees?

I honestly could not recommend this course enough! The structure, delivery and leaders are all outstanding. Even if you are unsure about teaching I would still recommend that you do this course as it really throws you in the deep end so you definitely know if it is something you see yourself doing. Also, be prepared to put the hours in to get the most out of it!


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