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Nasreen Begum - English trainee

Year of study


What were you doing before SCITT?

I pursued and achieved a degree in English language and literature. I decided to explore multiple job openings whilst working in customer service for a year. This was short-lived due to my inclination and perennial passion to teach.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

My desire to teach is rooted in my determination to equip young individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to open a myriad of doors and thrive in their later life. This resolution was cultivated during my early adolescence, in which I reflected on my working-class background and steadily realised the importance of education. My growing value toward education eventually formed a wave of ambition to be active in not only improving my later life outcome but also positively influencing successive generations’ later life chances by teaching English.

Why did you choose Shotton Hall SCITT?

I chose Shotton Hall SCITT the moment I was introduced to the course during my school experience day. My decision to train at such a forward-thinking teaching and learning environment solidified when I met the Shotton Hall SCITT staff. I was provided with details of what the course entails, which emanates an active interest and care for the success of all aspiring teachers. I appreciated knowing what to expect in such a life-changing experience and how I will be supported. The experience day left me feeling absolutely certain that I can become an influential teacher if I train to teach with Shotton Hall SCITT.

What would you say to anyone thinking of teaching?

The journey to teaching will be challenging and there will be obstacles to overcome throughout your career, but I know that the unforgettable experience will indefinitely be worth it. Teaching is truly one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and valuable careers that positively impacts the world we live in.

How does teaching differ from your previous career?

My previous jobs were fulfilling, enjoyable, and demanding but incomparable to teaching a subject that I love and value to our next generation.

Do you have any tips or advice for potential trainees?

Never let your doubts consume you. Remember, we all learn from challenges and even failures. Overcoming difficulties are the most rewarding experiences, so take them on the chin and omit the thought of giving up. You can do it!


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