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Flo Stockley - MFL trainee

Year of study


Tell us about your route into teaching...

I worked at Newcastle University managing school outreach and widening participation projects.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I had always wanted to be a teacher so I ended up working with young people for a few years before I came to realise that I wanted to work in a capacity where I could have a profound effect on students’ life on a day-to-day basis.

Why did you choose Shotton Hall SCITT?

I debated for a long time about which route to take into teaching as I wanted to chose one that would set me up with the best tools to navigate my first few years as a teacher. For me Shotton Hall SCITT was the perfect mixture of a practical and research-based course with hands-on experience from the start as well as the advantage of doing your PGCE theory at Durham University.

What would you say to anyone else thinking of becoming a teacher?

I guess my advice would be that you will never know until you bite the bullet and make the leap! It has been a really exciting and varied experience so far.

What has been your favourite part of training so far?

It sounds cliché, but it has been observing lessons and watching it all in action. I’m really thrilled to be working with students and watching them as they get excited or understand your subject - it just hits home that it’s the right thing to be doing.


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