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Emma Flint - History trainee

Year of study


What were you doing before SCITT?

I was working in raising aspirations at a sixth form college and had worked in education for a couple of years through museum work and university outreach.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I’ve worked with young people since my time at university and absolutely loved it. I wanted a career where no two days were the same and I was able to teach a subject I was passionate about!

Why did you choose Shotton Hall SCITT?

I knew a couple of people who had trained at Shotton Hall SCITT and had spoken so highly of the staff and programme. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and you quickly become part of a lovely SCITT team (even through covid!!). Even during my interview, I felt at ease and knew this was the best route for me.

What would you say to anyone thinking of teaching?

Go for it! It is hard but very rewarding and the SCITT team are there to support you.

What has been your favourite part of training so far?

I’ve loved my placement! Even though things have been slightly different this year, my placement school have worked so hard to give me the opportunity to develop my teaching practice in very challenging times. The department have made me feel like part of their team and it’s been lovely.

How does teaching differ from your previous career?

I love the fact I now get to talk about a subject I’m passionate about every day, but also work with amazing young people! This year has shown me how resilient and positive students have been and that is something I would not have been able to see first-hand in my previous role.

Do you have any tips or advice for potential trainees?

100% go for it, the Shotton Hall SCITT team are there to support you all the way. I also watched quite a lot of Educating Manchester which is fab for getting an insight into school life, particularly when you can’t get in to observe at the moment!


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