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The Core Content Framework (CCF)

What is it? 

The initial teacher training (ITT) core content framework defines in detail the minimum entitlement of all trainee teachers. Drawing on the best available evidence, it sets out the content that ITT providers and their partnerships must draw upon when designing and delivering their ITT programmes. 

The ITT core content framework aligns with the Early Career Framework (ECF) to establish an entitlement to a 3 or more year structured package of support for all new teachers at the start of their careers. 

The ITT Core Content Framework does not set out the full ITT curriculum for trainee teachers. It remains for individual providers to design curricula appropriate for the subject, phase and age range that the trainees will be teaching.  


While the ITT Core Content Framework is presented around the Teachers’ Standards for clarity, the ITT Core Content Framework is not, and should not be used, as an assessment framework. Trainee teachers will not be expected to collect evidence against the ITT Core Content Framework, and they will continue to be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards only.  


Design of the CCF 


As with the ECF, the CCF has been designed to support trainee development in 5 core areas: 


  1. Behaviour management 

  2. Pedagogy 

  3. Curriculum 

  4. Assessment  

  5. Professional behaviours 


In order to ensure congruence with the 8 Teachers’ Standards, the ITT Core Content Framework is presented in 8 sections. In developing the framework, behaviour management is addressed in High Expectations and Managing Behaviour (S1 and S7); pedagogy is addressed in How Pupils Learn, Classroom Practice and Adaptive Teaching (S2, S4, S5); and curriculum, assessment and professional behaviours are addressed in S3, S6 and S8 respectively.  

'Learn that' and 'Learn how to' 


The ITT Core Content Framework sets out two types of content – mirroring the ECF.  


 ‘Learn that…’ statements are deliberately the same as the ‘Learn that…’ statements in the ECF because the full entitlement – across both initial teacher training and early career development – for new entrants to the profession is underpinned by the evidence of what makes great teaching.  


‘Learn how to…’ statements are based on the practice statements in the ECF, but altered so they are appropriate for initial teacher training.  These define an entitlement to practise key skills as well as an opportunity to work with and learn from expert colleagues as they apply their knowledge and understanding of the evidence in the classroom. 

North East SCITT's provision 


Our SCITT curriculum goes above and beyond the minimum entitlement stated in the CCF.  


We ensure trainees have covered all foundational knowledge and skill that is pre-requisite for the content defined in this framework. In designing our curriculum, we carefully craft the experiences and activities detailed in the CCF into a coherent sequence that supports trainees to succeed in the classroom. Our curriculum also integrates additional analysis of theory, research and expert practice, in alignment with the work of our Research School. 

You can view the full CCF document here: ITT Core Content Framework

Subject Enhancement Delivery Day (SEDD) Training Sequences (secondary)

Subject Enhancement Delivery Day (SEDD) Training Sequences (primary)

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